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How do I build my website with SEO in mind from the get go?

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How do I build my website with SEO in mind from the get go?

How do I build my website with SEO in mind from the get go?

How do I build my website with SEO in mind from the get go?


Building or designing a website with SEO in mind you need to look at the text content, this begins with the copy on the website, what HTML ad java codes are used, the title of your webpages, the way the pictures are names, your pages URL, and the meta tags in the code.

Optimizing with SEO

SEO is the method of optimizing your pages on the website to be read by a search engine such as Google. Search engines rely on text that is descriptive and relevant to your page, therefore a website that only has flash or graphics and very little text has nothing to feedback to use about your site although it has followed a link to it.

The layout of your pages there are some important SEO concepts to consider:

  • The search engine needs to follow the links to be able t navigate your website and be able to get back to the homepage.
  • Design the site with an ordered navigation which means that each page is accessible from this navigation on the homepage. If the pages are not accessed through the homepage will confuse the search engine which in turn will force the search engine to abandon the task of indexing your pages.
  • Ensure that your coding is exact and 100% correct the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) format is not always precise and sometime add unnecessary extra coding to the page. Get to know Google’s rules for instance, as they can have some bearing on where your page is ranked.

Importance of Design and construction

Design and construction of your site also plays a part, making use of your title page, be sure that you use the HI headers and not just bolding the title. The text of your title should contain the relevant keyword in it so it is searchable by the search engine. Plain bolded text for a header will not be read as important by a search engine.

Once the main pages are completed and the copy has been added, then you need to look at additional content where you can add links to the additional content, a good link building strategy is to create great copy that people would want to naturally add their links to.

Be careful of adding to much flash to your website, search engines don’t read the flash, it reads text, you can add relevant text to the flash, but also bear in mind that large amounts of flash usually takes longer for the site to download. Many people don’t wait for sites that take too long to download, if it take too long the leave and go somewhere else also search engines penalize you for load time, so keep flash to the minimum and concentrate on relevant text.

Making use of a professional website design company means that you hire professionals who are knowledgeable about the best designs and layout of website to ensure that it is SEO friendly, Web 2.0 Design and Development will build your site with all the necessary aspects in place.  Call Web 2.0 Design and Development today.

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