Web Design in SEO (they go hand in hand)

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Web Design in SEO (they go hand in hand)

Web Design in SEO (they go hand in hand)

Web Design in SEO (they go hand in hand)

If you are not clued up about is SEO you need to know that it stands for Search Engine optimization.  For a website to be successful it needs to be easily searchable on the World Wide Web. This is done by the optimized usage of strategic keywords.  Good design and valuable content copy on a website is what makes people want to visit is and remain on the site to read the interesting content.  However, you need to capture your audience’s attention in the first place before you are able to keep them reading what is on your site, as well as encouraging them to return time after time.

How do search engines rank my site?

Search engines such as Google, rank the site by the keyword, placing the keyword in the content of your website will allow your site to be searchable.  One of the ways to get visitors to your site is to link to other sites with your keyword embedded in the link, therefore building links with other sites with similar product or services helps increase the number of people who could visit your site.

But there is more than just creating a website and hope that it will achieve its goal. Any new entrepreneur knows that a business needs to generate sales to be successful, in a bricks and mortar business the owner will advertise by means of advertisements in newspapers, magazines, flyers, street pole advertising and other means of getting the message across they will also use their store front shop windows to attract passing trade to come into the store and browse around.

Online business

An online business, the business owner needs to use the internet to advertise this is where it is necessary for the site to be searchable using a search engine; therefore people will visit your site and browse around. Not only using search engine, to get people to visit, there are other ways to encourage visitors, by using links from other sites, online advertising using Google Adwords and other similar advertising methods visitors are tempted and encouraged to visit a site.

Hiring a web designer

For a new web entrepreneur trying to find the best way to get their business online.  There is a lot to learn for a new business owner, and one of the best ways to get started is to hire a company that does Design and Development as well as someone who understands SEO.  Web 2.0 Design and Development has the knowledge and infrastructure to be able to design a website that is Search Engine optimized to obtain the maximum results to ensure your business gets off the ground as soon as possible and remains on the first page of search engines such as Google.

The hiring of a web designer does not necessarily mean that the designer is able to apply all the necessary SEO principles to optimize a site.   Web 2.0 Design and Development technicians have fully trained web designers and well as people who are fully trained and experienced in all aspects SEO of websites and their experience in SEO principles will ensure that your website is search engine friendly, with high quality content to give your business the maximum opportunity to attain its full potential. Good web design and development and SEO go hand in hand.

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