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San Francisco Web Design

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San Francisco Web Design

San Francisco Web Design

San Francisco Web Design

San Francisco Web Design that works, this is one of the most crucial aspects of web design,  not matter how much attention to detail and work you put into your design, it must be navigable. Many people overlook this aspect to their website design.  The result is often disastrous.

What visitors expect

When a visitor goes on a website they expect to be able to get to all the pages as quickly as possible,  long downloads will chase a visitor away and they will not read your message to them. So choosing a good webhost is part of that important deal that needs to be addressed.  The actual design of the site also needs to be fast and simple.  People want to get to the page with just a click of their mouse button. Your titles of each page must also be relevant to what the visitor expects to see.

Why do visitors not come back for more?

Visitors like to revisit a website that offers new and fresh material for them to read.  This is where blogs are excellent as a new blog post is one of the fastest ways to keep new and relevant material constantly flowing.  An RSS feed give the visitor an opportunity to subscribe to your site so that when new materials is inserted then they can quickly link to the site and read ‘What’s new” on the site.  Visitors who like a website and continually are your best advertisers as they usually share with other people what they have learned and read you your site.

Contact San Francisco Web Design for more information on building good web sites, and how to attract visitors to your site.

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